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The Capuano Family of Carlucci's Restaurants Quality, Passion, and a Dedication to Excellence

If you live in the Yardley and Lower Makefield area, you know Carlucci's. Celebrated for their delicious, authentic Italian dishes and warm, familyfriendly atmosphere, the Capuano family's restaurants have become culinary cornerstones in our community. We couldn't help but wonder.... where did the name "Carlucci's" come from? It turns out that Patriarch Carlo Capuano had been a taxi driver in Italy, nicknamed 'Carlucciel u' tassist' (roughly translated to "Little Carlo the Taxi Man"). Though he couldn't know it at the time, from this nickname, Carlucci's would be born. Building a family legacy was not the family's intention in their early years, but it has become an unexpected dream fulfilled.

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